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Bethann Frillman Photography
Virginia Highland
Atlanta, GA


About Bethann Frillmann

I am a mom of boys.
I love living in boydom, but crave a little tulle now and then.
I love my job!
Photography is my second career, and I am so lucky.
The main thing I miss about my corporate career is lunch.
I love road trips.
My favorite color is orange.
My favorite food is popcorn – with lots of butter and salt.
I hate to wear shoes.
And I don’t know how I lived before yoga pants.
I am an observer, my brother is an artist
I love watching kids run,
…or jump on their bed
….or fall over in giggles.
My plan is to hang over 100 photographs in my home… soon!
I see the world in pictures… and want to share them with you.


Award winning Atlanta photographer Bethann Frillman specializes in black and white photographs of babies, children and families. She is well known for creating honest and simple portraits of children. Bethann lives in the Virginia-Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta, with her husband, 2 boys and dog.

She is available for portrait sessions in the Atlanta metro area: Buckhead, Decatur, Morningside, Virginia-Highland, Vinings, Midtown, Dunwoody, Marietta, and beyond. Please contact Bethann for travel rates outside of Atlanta.



My best children’s portrait sessions have been the fun and relaxed ones – where the kids were simply “themselves” and wearing their true personalities. The result of those sessions was beauty, honesty and spontaneity jumping out of the portraits! My typical session has you and I playing and interacting with the kids – and the rest follows naturally. Very little planning is required to create beautiful and honest portraits. But here are answers to some common questions.

What time of day is best?
When your kids are happy. This is typically mornings for very young children. It’s best to avoid scheduling a session during a child’s normal naptime.

What should we wear?
Wear clothes that are comfortable and look like clothes your family normally wears. In general, midtone solids work best, and it’s best to avoid white. (If you want a light and airy look pastels will give that without the harshness of white.) Fabrics with texture (knit sweaters and denim) photograph beautifully. Baby skin and everyone’s bare toes are always great. For a more classic photo avoid logos, words and numbers. But these are all guidelines…If you haven’t seen your 5 year old in anything but a striped Sponge Bob shirt in a year, let’s go with it. And I love dress up clothes on kids – an ever-present super hero cape, her favorite princess dress, a loved pair of rain boots. Don’t be afraid to let your kids be themselves!

When are you available?
I am available weekdays from 9-2, and weekend mornings. Weekends are usually booked 3-4 weeks, and Oct-Nov often book months in advance.

Where should we go?
I prefer to come to your home. That’s where children are most comfortable, everything they need is right there, and the backdrop is meaningful to you. I will typically shoot both indoors and out, and may move furniture around a bit. You don’t need fancy landscaping for me to make outdoor settings work, but if you prefer a park or urban setting - that also works well.

How will the session work?
Every photo session, like every family, is a bit different. I will spend some time chatting with the kids. If they are comfortable, ready and raring to go we may start with group shots. If one is holding back, I’ll start with the child that’s ready.
I generally do some minor posing and then shoot when interaction is right. I like to work one on one with kids when I can, so don’t be surprised if I take one aside. And I love to take older kids to their rooms, and I hope you don’t mind if I let them jump on their beds…

For infants, it depends so much on the age. If you are looking for sleeping, curly newborn shots – we really need to photograph them under 2 weeks of age. These sessions may take a long time – given the feeding, changing and coaxing the little one to a deep, deep sleep. For older babies, especially the 6 month to 1 year olds we typically will move very quickly as they tend to lose interest fast.

Most sessions take about 2 hours and may have breaks for snacks and drinks. No session ends until we’re ready. Usually, the kids let us know when that is.

How can we help?
Mostly by being happy and patient. We can usually find a way into most kids moods if we are calm and patient. Please don’t ask your kids to smile or look at me. Let me take over and relax, and we’ll get some great expressions out of them.

Can we take a few family shots?
Absolutely!! I almost insist. But my family shots are untraditional – more about the interaction and less about everyone looking for the camera.

Why black and white?
I love black and white photographs – they are timeless, classic and allow the true emotion of the moment to shine through. You’re eye will not be distracted by color or details – and you will be able to focus on faces, interaction and the mood!

What products do you offer?
My photographs are available in archival prints, hand-stretched canvas, fine art albums and coffee table books. I also offer custom Christmas cards, holiday cards and birth announcements.

Are you available to travel?
Yes. Typically I would like to have 5 sessions set up to travel outside of Atlanta. Please contact me for details.

When will our pictures be ready?
Your previews will be ready to view about 2 weeks after your session. I will post a private online gallery for you to view the images. This will be available for 1 week. Orders can be made via email or in person. Most of my clients prefer to meet in person, where I can help you with your selections and even help with designing a family photo wall.

Albums and enlargements will be ready in 4-6 weeks.




Session Fee:
$300/weekday, $350 weekend

What is included:
A photo session at a location of your choice in the metro
Atlanta area. Most sessions take about 2 hours, but there
is no time limit.

Prints and Albums:
All prints are additional
Prints start at $100
Session albums with 5x7 custom prints begin at $1000
Custom coffee table books start at $2000

To give you an idea of what you might spend. Our average print sale includes:
Standard 25 image album
10 gift prints (8x10 and smaller)
One 24x30 canvas art print
The price for this combination is $2100

For a complete price list email us at:


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